Soleil Store is an independent women’s clothing label based in South East Cornwall, UK made up of 3 female artists who design and hand create garments in their studio at Maker Heights. They have built their brand around slow fashion values which is seen throughout their collections since 2016. Slow fashion refers to the style, design and quality of the item of clothing, as well as the intention behind how it was made. For the customer, it involves buying clothing which is lasting: made of durable fabrics and staying away from fluctuating trends so you can still wear the pieces you love years down the road.
They take Asian fabrics and motifs integrating it with the shapes and fit of Bohemianism to create their individual look. Their combined love for nostalgic 70s fashion and wanderlust is reflected in each piece, whether it’s a statement festival outfit or a go to jumpsuit for your summer travels. 
Our journey started back in 2014 where began selling hand picked vintage pieces online and handmade crafts at local car boots between studying at art college. Between all 3 of us with backgrounds in graphic design and fine art, we channelled our love for all things creative into a brand. Although fashion was not the starting point for us, it soon evolved into our main brand identity - learning to make pieces we could never find on the high street. This journey has been self taught from the beginning, from pattern design to dress making, crochet and embroidery. We now launch 2 collections every year and push ourselves to learn innovative and more complex designs with each release.
We are continuously grateful for everyone we have met along the way, from everyone involved in our photoshoots to fellow creatives in our local area and our supportive online community. 
Chloe Megan and Kirra x