When purchasing an item from Soleil Store you are supporting a small independent business. We are both the designers and creators of our collections, we respect the time and labour of our team which is reflected in the pricing of our garments. We work in house on a made to order basis which means all are garments are produced in the UK in small runs, this way we aren’t wasting supplies nor using excessive travel.
As a brand our main focus is extending the life cycle of a garment. We want to change the throw away culture in fashion by making staple pieces. We produce high quality clothing, made of durable fabrics and stay away from fluctuating trends so you can still wear the pieces you love years down the road. Longer lasting items make it cheaper in the long term financially and has less impact on the environment. 
Each year we release a reworked collection consisting of block print fabrics and recycled silk products. We up-cycle jeans and rework vintage saris to produce a range of dresses, tops and skirts. All of these items are one of a kind and gives us a chance to slow down the fast-fashion cycle. 
Our goals for improving our sustainability in 2024 include the following :
~ Eliminate plastic use in ALL our packaging by switching to an eco friendly alternative such as compostable mailers.
~ Sign up with Treeapp and donate for every sale we make to offset our c02 emissions.
~ Establish a repair program for customers.
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